P.R.I.A.’s services aid students in their academic pursuits through personalized learning and education program’s.  We specialize in successfully supporting and guiding learners with their unique educational needs.  P.R.I.A. educators are dedicated to helping our student’s reach their academic goals.


Education Programs & Academy

Po’no Ragazzi International Academy educators understand many students and families need a more non-traditional middle or high school setting.  Our unique academic programs offer flexible education plans, transcript analysis, credit recovery, academic and electives courses, credit by exams and an official diploma.

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Essay Writing & College Applications

P.R.I.A. offers expert guidance in writing college essays, resumes, managing deadlines for different applications formats, and staying organized throughout the application process. P.R.I.A.’s goals are specifically designed to ensure completion of the complex process of college applications. 

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Academic Scholarships & Financial Aid

  Applying for scholarships and loans for college can quickly become complicated and overwhelming. As a FAFSA mentor and partner, P.R.I.A. expertly navigates families’ through the intricate scholarship and financial aid process. 

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Tailored Programs For Each Student


P.R.I.A.’s services are tailored for each age and stage of academia.  This includes middle school, high school, and college students. Our academic support team creates and guides each student through a personalized program as they strive to reach their next goals. Since 2005, we have successfully implemented a wide range of programs from online, self-study, home, and school-based learning mediums.


Nationally Recognized Learning for Student Success


 P.R.I.A. develops flexible education options for your teen whether they are homeschooled or in private or public schools nearby or abroad.  We have provided year-round online classes, credit by exam, and school-based course work with an accredited university program.   P.R.I.A. is an official testing center for national and internationally recognized Texas University k-12 e-learning program.  At P.R.I.A., we have a fantastic learning environment for our students and parents.  Our students have benefited from taking AP self-study courses, college dual credits, independent studies, electives, participated extra curriculum programs, and have participated in community volunteer activities.  For over a decade, we have contributed to the growth and development of a flexible middle and high school educational experience that is unique